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Include Pediatric Eye Care in Your Child's Wellness Plan

You prepare nutritious meals for your children. When they ride a bike, you insist that they wear their helmet. And at bedtime, you help build healthy dental habits by encouraging them to brush and floss. But when was the last time you scheduled an eye examination for your little ones?

Without regular pediatric eye care, a child's wellness plan is incomplete. Fortunately, Las Vegas Family Eye Care can help ensure that your son or daughter's eyes stay healthy. If your child needs an eye exam, call our Las Vegas, NV office today!

Pediatric Eye Care in Las Vegas, NV | Las Vegas Family Eye Care

Schedule an Eye Examination

The first step to getting your child's eye health on track is to schedule an examination. As many as 25% of school-aged children experience trouble with their vision. The earlier we catch these issues, the better treatment we can provide. That's why we suggest that parents schedule their child's first eye exam at 5-6 years old, around kindergarten and before the child starts 1st grade. This will allow us to check for:

  • near or farsightedness
  • eye turns
  • poor binocular vision (difficulties in eyes teaming together)
  • ocular health problems

Contact Our Las Vegas, NV, Office

We are ready to schedule an appointment for your child. Simply give our Las Vegas, NV, office a call at (702) 385-2242 to get started. If you have questions about insurance, be sure to let us know. Or visit our insurance page to learn about the plans accepted at our clinic.